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◾ File Changelog


  • epistle\cfg\sh_cfg.lua

  • epistle\cfg\sh_cfg_bg.lua

  • epistle\cfg\sh_cfg_binds.lua

  • epistle\cfg\sh_cfg_nav.lua


  • epistle\core\cl_fonts.lua

  • epistle\core\cl_init.lua

  • epistle\core\cl_rcc.lua

  • epistle\core\cl_usrdef.lua

  • epistle\core\sh_init.lua

  • epistle\core\sh_rnet.lua

  • epistle\core\sv_init.lua

  • epistle\core\sv_psay.lua

  • epistle\diag\cl_diag_cwserv.lua

  • epistle\diag\cl_diag_ibws_notice.lua

  • epistle\diag\cl_diag_restrict.lua

  • epistle\lang\en.lua

  • epistle\pnl\cl_pnl_bg.lua

  • epistle\pnl\cl_pnl_ibws.lua

  • epistle\pnl\cl_pnl_rules.lua

  • epistle\pnl\cl_pnl_rules_web.lua

  • epistle\pnl\cl_pnl_servers_popup.lua

  • epistle\sh_env.lua

◾ Changes

◾ Added support for materials as wallpapers

Server owners can now specify materials for their interface background. By default, this script uses a DHTML panel to load wallpapers from external websites. The issue with this is that it can sometimes make the interface take a second or two longer to actually load.

By using materials; it can make load times significantly less; however, this requires the server owner to upload the desired materials to a Steam Workshop collection and call the image within the config:

cfg.bg.material.enabled     = true
cfg.bg.material.list        =
cfg.bg.material.clr         = Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 )
cfg.bg.height               = 'auto'

If you decide to enable material wallpapers; it is HIGHLY recommended that you disable the other wallpaper settings for loading external images; otherwise load-times will be equally as bad:

cfg.bg.static.enabled     = false
cfg.bg.live.enabled       = false

In order to create a Steam Workshop collection; you must utilize a tool such as GMPU (Garry's Mod Publishing Utility) which can be downloaded here:

◾ Added additional chat / console commands

Players can now activate the motd and rules interfaces with a number of console commands listed on the binds page.

◾ Added new hook when addon initialized to support plugins

Can now use epistle_cl_init to activate a hook when addon loads the interface.

◾ Updated Font Library

Migrated font library to new system. Nothing should be changed on the server owner's end.

◾ Dialog panels renamed / moved

◾ Implemented numerous optimizations

Several aspects have been updated for better load times.

◾ Updated Documentation

Several pages have been updated with better structuring so that steps are easier to follow. Also added more information related to certain steps.

◾ Updated ServerGuard permissions

ServerGuard permissions are now more easily identifiable with new names.

◾ Fixed eprotect compatibility

Resolved an issue which caused a random error with customers also using eProtect related to SetTitle()

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