Web Demo

Information for your addon's web-browser

◾ About

This is a demo page for your addon's web-browser.

To edit this and your other URLs; open lua\modules\epistle\cfg\sh_cfg_nav.lua

◾ Integrated Browser Mode

The integrated browser mode displays your configured websites internally within the interface.

◾ Steam Browser Mode

This option will display your configured websites within the Steam overlay.

◾ Changing Modes

To change between Integrated Browser and the Steam Browser; open the file specified in the About section.

Locate the setting for each button like the following:

cfg.nav.btn.group_int       = true
cfg.nav.btn.forums_int      = true
cfg.nav.btn.donate_int      = true
cfg.nav.btn.website_int     = true
cfg.nav.btn.workshop_int    = true
cfg.nav.btn.discord_int     = true
cfg.nav.btn.rules_int       = true




Integrated Browser Mode


Steam Overlay Mode

◾ Important Note (blank pages)

Currently; the integrated browser mode works by utilizing a library developed by Facepunch for Garry's Mod. Developers do not have access to actually change / update code in that library.

If you enable the Integrated Browser; and notice that certain websites are appearing blank; then you will need to either change the URL; or disable the integrated browser.

This is due to the fact that the provided library by Facepunch is extremely outdated and is based on Chromium v22 which is extremely outdated and does not recognize code used on websites. As of writing this; the current version of Chromium is v89.

Until Facepunch actually updates Chromium for Garry's Mod; this is the only solution.

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